WEB SITE HOSTING: I offer a very straightforward service for those who need a website but lack the time, money or inclination to set one up. I can host your web site in a directory in rkmedia.net. Your URL (web address) would have the form: http://www.rkmedia.net/your-business for an example, please see: http://www.rkmedia.net/crems. Your site could be supplied to me already designed (like CREMS was) and I host and manage it for you or I can create a site for you, host it, and manage it.

WEB SITE MAINTENANCE: If you already have a web site and domain name (e.g. your-business.com.au) I can maintain it for you on your server. You simply send me the material that you want added and I format it and upload it for you. Having one person responsible for this is especially useful for small organisations and businesses without a webmaster. Fees are based on time.

SCIENCE IMAGES: I have a distinctive set of science stock images at gallery.kightleys.com.

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